Our Event Division

After much pleading and prodding from clients, friends, prospective clients, colleagues and family, SIAT is thrilled to announce the launch of our Event Division.

At the beginning, and for the most part, our events will be smaller in scale (15-50 people) and will be activity or interest based, so space will be limited and pre-registration will be required.

Please note our intention for this division is a little different than what you might expect, so in an effort to manage your expectations, please note our event objectives below:

  1. To provide singles with an opportunity to connect with other singles while participating in an activity that they are interested in
  2. To provide singles with an opportunity to round out their social calendars
  3. To provide singles with an opportunity to make new friends – platonic, or otherwise

Please attend our events because your objectives and expectations are aligned with ours, understanding that making a romantic connection is not the primary focus and, therefore, should be considered a bonus.

For each one of you who may be thinking:  “I don’t need any more friends” or “My social calendar is full enough, thanks” – please note that there are five others who feel the opposite.  There are many single people who sit on their couch night after night because they either don’t know where to go or don’t have single friends to go with.  Please keep an open mind.  And, for those of you looking for the traditional singles event – a crowded room of available and desirable singles, set amongst an exciting backdrop – not to worry…we have some special events planned with you in mind.

Please also note that our events will not always be exclusive to single, heterosexual individuals, so we encourage those of you who are attached or homosexual to keep an eye on our events as well.

We will be posting our Event Calendar – which will be dynamic (i.e. updated on a regular basis) – in the next few weeks on this page as well as on our Facebook page – so please check back often.